Tailored Care for those with Memory Impairments

GoldenCare has been servicing those with memory impairment for over 16 years and recognizes the special needs of people with Alzheimer's disease and other related memory impairments. Residents receive the personal assistance they require with everyday tasks, like bathing, grooming, walking, dressing, and taking medications. In addition, they will have access to health care services delivered by our visiting clinical teams of professionals which include nurses and doctors.

Our approach begins with understanding each residents life in partnership with the family. This involves understanding each resident’s stories and details of the senior's life.  Whether residents are pursuing new interests, or participating in a favorite pastime, our staff is trained to provide the level of support that helps residents feel successful and productive.   This is all done in a secure, safe, and stimulating environment.

We recognize that the care with those with Alzheimer’s and memory impairments can be a challenge but to solve this we offer several different service level programs of support.

Golden Touch is designed to assist seniors in the beginning stages of memory loss.

Golden Neighborhood
is designed for seniors from mild or more advanced Alzheimer's or other memory disorders.

Golden Care is for those residents who have higher level needs due to more severe cognitive impairment such as late stage memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

The staff of GoldenCare are experts in the exceptional care for those with Alzehiemer’s and strive to enhance the lives they touch with the love and passion they provide for each resident. Every staff member completes GoldenCare Homes’ initial memory impairment training program and is involved in monthly in services to guarantee the most updated information and development for continued progress.

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