We believe assisted living should be a place of freedom, respect, dignity, and love all within a secured setting.  Residents enjoy quality time enhanced by skillful staff who works to ensure that individual needs are met with care, prompt attention and a smile. Exceptional service, good food, nice amenities, and security are keys to living at GoldenCare Homes.

Our GoldenCare residences are inviting and therapeutic residential alternatives for people who need additional support in their daily living for Assisted Living or mild to severe dementia.  Each GoldenCare residence offers an empowering environment that fosters independence and builds self-worth.

We listen to the residents and family members and provide customized services to meet the needs of each resident.

The staff of GoldenCare are experts in the exceptional care they provide and strive to enhance the lives they touch with the love and passion they provide for each resident. Every staff member completes GoldenCare Homes’ initial training program and is involved in monthly in services to guarantee the most updated information and development for continued progress.